How a Woodhouse Oil Change Protects Your Vehicle

June 20th, 2022 by

Woodhouse oil change

Today’s Ford vehicles feature robust build quality and numerous driver assist aids, meant to protect the vehicle and its passengers alike. While we wouldn’t do without them, there’s something else that’s just as important in protecting your vehicle: a simple Woodhouse oil change.

What Does Motor Oil Do?

That might seem like a big claim for something sold in a small bottle. However, motor oil is doing a lot more than you realize. Besides lubricating engine components, it also keeps them clean and cool.

How Your Engine Benefits from an Oil Change

Motor oil ensures long engine life by preventing three major types of engine wear.

  • Friction wear: When motor oil runs too low, or ages out and begins to gum up, it cannot properly protect your engine from the friction generated by running hundreds, or even thousands, of revolutions per minute.
  • Heat wear: Friction also causes heat, which takes its own toll on your engine. In extreme cases, it can also cause your engine to overheat.
  • Adhesion wear: Adhesion wear is exactly what it sounds like: if the engine runs hot enough, the heat can actually cause engine components to fuse, leading to catastrophic and expensive repairs.

Good Maintenance = Good Gas Mileage

There’s another good reason to visit Woodhouse Ford South: our service specials aren’t the only way you save money. Routine Ford maintenance like oil changes, tire rotation, and brake service will help you save on fuel, protecting your wallet and car alike.

Better Service, the Woodhouse Way

Your purchase or lease inevitably comes with questions. When you need answers you can trust, they’re as close as your next call or visit to Woodhouse Ford South. We look forward to keeping your drive safe, fun, and affordable!

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